Makhija & Co. provides a very wide range of services to its clients. The services are often customised to suit the needs / requirements of our clients. Main services provided by the company are Colour Futures, Duette two tone, Duette Colour Effect, Dulux Previews etc.

Colour Futures is a collection of inspiring shades based on an annual forecast of international colour trends.

Duette Shade Card is collection of inspiring double mix shades based on an annual forecast of international colour trends.
Duette Colour Effect is a unique two-tone finish, which produces a soft broken colour effect on walls that lasts for years and adds a touch of style to any room.
Dulux Previews is a new innovative computer colour scheming tool provided by ICI Dulux. Previews are specially designed for designers, architects, property managers or professional specifiers like you to preview the colour selections on a photo-quality printout. You can instantly visualize each colour scheme and how the colour combinations works perfectly before you make up your mind.
Aluminium Wooden Touch is a new and very rarely provided service by any painting company. In this service, aluminium accessories are finished to give wooden look.


Real Estate

Divine Properties has been providing real estate services in Delhi and NCR towns for over ten years. With our network of resources, we offer a slew of premium services targeted at key communities, from end customers to builders, realtors and corporations with unique real estate needs. Residential, Commercial or Retail, Divine Properties offers an ideal platform for owners to look out for tenants for their properties. Conversely, it holds true for ones looking out for unoccupied rented/leased properties.